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TripleS, the innovative 24-member K-pop girl group, is set to release their Japanese pre-debut single “###” on July 20, 2024, marking a significant milestone in their journey to enter the Japanese music market.Formed under MODHAUS, TripleS has been making waves in the K-pop industry since their introduction in 2022

The group’s unique concept revolves around fan participation and decentralized management, allowing supporters to influence the formation of sub-units and content creation through NFT photo cards called “Objekts”. TripleS made their official Korean debut on February 13, 2023, with the release of their first EP “Assemble” and the title track “Rising”. Since then, the group has been actively promoting through various sub-units and configurations, showcasing their versatility and adaptability.

The group’s name, TripleS, stands for “The Idol of all Possibilities,” with the three S’s representing “Social, Sonyo, Seoul”.  This concept embodies their aim to explore diverse possibilities within the idol industry and connect with fans on multiple levels. TripleS’s journey has been marked by several notable achievements. In October 2022, their first sub-unit, Acid Angel from Asia, debuted with the EP “Access,” which reached No. 1 on the iTunes US K-POP album chart

The group’s innovative approach and captivating performances led to them winning Best New Female Artist at the 2023 MAMA Awards, a significant recognition in the K-pop industry.The group’s unique structure allows for rotating members between the full group, sub-units, and solo activities, all determined by fan votes. This system has resulted in the formation of five “Dimensions” or sub-units to date: Acid Angel from Asia, +(KR)ystal Eyes, LOVElution, EVOLution, and Aria.On May 8, 2024, TripleS released their first full-group album “ASSEMBLE24,” featuring all 24 members

The album’s title track, “Girls Never Die,” showcases the group’s determination and individuality. This release was a significant moment for the group, bringing together all members for the first time since their inception. The upcoming Japanese pre-debut single “###” represents TripleS’s strategic expansion into the Japanese market, a move that was initially announced in December 2022. This release is expected to introduce the group to Japanese audiences and pave the way for their official Japanese debut. TripleS’s unique approach to fan engagement and group management has garnered attention both in South Korea and internationally.

How tripleS Became The “LA LA LA” Group

The group utilizes a dedicated app called Cosmo, which allows fans to participate in decision-making processes and interact with the members. As TripleS prepares for their Japanese pre-debut, they continue to push boundaries in the K-pop industry. Their large number of members presents both challenges and opportunities, with member Kim Na-kyoung humorously noting that they often have to visit hair salons in shifts due to their size.

The release of “###” is anticipated to showcase TripleS’s versatility and appeal to the Japanese market. It will likely feature a mix of Korean and Japanese lyrics, demonstrating the group’s linguistic capabilities and cultural adaptability. As TripleS continues to evolve and expand their reach, their Japanese pre-debut marks another exciting chapter in their journey. With their innovative concept, diverse talents, and growing fanbase, TripleS is poised to make a significant impact on the Japanese music scene while continuing to redefine the possibilities of K-pop girl groups.

tripleS(트리플에스) ‘Girls Never Die’ Official MV
tripleS(트리플에스) LOVElution ‘Girls’ Capitalism’ MV

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