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South Korean co-ed group KARD has been making waves in the K-pop industry since their official debut in 2017. Composed of members J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo, KARD stands out as a rarity in the Korean music scene, where mixed-gender groups are uncommon

KARD’s unique composition and musical style have garnered them significant international success, particularly in South America. Their brand of K-pop has been described as “undeniably trendy,” focusing on contemporary house and dancehall vibes. The group’s sound incorporates elements of electropop, hip hop, EDM, and alt-R&B, with a notable emphasis on reggaetón and moombahton styling that resonates strongly with international K-pop fans

Their musical diversity is reflected in the members’ personal influences. BM draws inspiration from American rappers like Tupac and J.Cole, while J.Seph looks up to Korean rapper Beenzino. Somin takes cues from Tinashe and Ariana Grande, and Jiwoo cites Beyoncé and Rihanna as her inspirations

KARD’s international appeal was evident even before their official debut. The group toured North and South America during their pre-debut phase, quickly building a global fanbase. This early success led Forbes to note that KARD was “headed for worldwide success”. Their debut EP landed at number 3 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, cementing their status as “one of the most successful co-ed K-pop acts to ever exist,” according to Billboard magazine

However, KARD’s focus on the international market has not been without criticism. The group has faced some backlash for their lack of promotions in South Korea. In an interview, Jiwoo revealed that a Korean broadcasting station official once told them they were “like a fictional group” due to their infrequent appearances in their home country. The members have expressed their desire to be more active in South Korea, acknowledging their fans’ demands for more domestic activities

Despite these challenges, KARD continues to evolve and expand their artistic horizons. The group has experimented with various musical styles, from tropical house to moombahton, setting them apart from other K-pop acts. Their unique sound, combined with compelling performances, has solidified their global stardom and helped them build a dedicated international fandom

KARD’s impact extends beyond music. The members are actively involved in fashion, modeling, and content creation. Jiwoo, for instance, has gained recognition as a style icon and has ventured into creative directing for international magazines

As they celebrate their sixth anniversary, KARD remains focused on the future. The members acknowledge the challenges they’ve overcome and express their commitment to long-term growth and improvement. Their team dynamic, built on clear communication and finding middle ground, has been crucial to their success.

KARD’s journey in the K-pop industry continues to be one of breaking boundaries and defying expectations. As they navigate the challenges of being a co-ed group in a predominantly single-gender industry, KARD’s unique charm and musical versatility continue to win hearts around the world, solidifying their position as a distinctive force in the global K-pop landscape.

BM – ‘Nectar (Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park))’ Official MV
KARD – Without You _ M/V

KARD’s discography, some of their most popular and resonant songs include:

  1. “Don’t Recall (Hidden Ver.)”: This appears to be KARD’s most popular song according to Genius, with over 59,000 page views. Its popularity likely stems from its catchy melody and the unique “hidden version” concept that intrigued fans.
  2. “HOLA HOLA”: As KARD’s official debut song, this track holds special significance for fans. It showcases the group’s signature tropical house and moombahton-inspired sound, which helped establish their unique identity in the K-pop landscape.
  3. “Bomb Bomb”: This song is noted for its intense beat and challenging choreography. Fans appreciate the high-energy performance and the group’s ability to execute complex dance routines.
  4. “Red Moon”: As the lead track from their fourth mini-album, this song combines moombahton, trap, and EDM elements. It resonates with fans due to its catchy composition and its representation of KARD’s distinctive musical style.

These songs resonate with fans for several reasons:

  1. Unique sound: KARD’s incorporation of diverse musical styles, particularly moombahton and tropical house, sets them apart in the K-pop industry. This distinctive sound has become a symbol of the group.
  2. Powerful performances: KARD is known for their energetic live shows and compelling choreography, which enhances the appeal of their songs.
  3. Co-ed group dynamics: As a rare mixed-gender group in K-pop, KARD’s songs showcase interesting vocal and performance interactions between male and female members, adding depth to their music.
  4. International appeal: KARD’s music, especially their reggaeton and moombahton-inspired tracks, has found particular resonance with international audiences, especially in South America.
  5. Experimentation and growth: Fans appreciate KARD’s willingness to experiment with different genres and their commitment to musical growth, as evidenced by members like BM contributing to songwriting.

Overall, KARD’s most popular songs reflect their unique position in the K-pop industry, combining diverse musical influences with powerful performances and a distinctive group dynamic that resonates strongly with their international fanbase.

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