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We believe in a solid future for Kpop but in some ways Kpop may become part of the catch-all genre of Pop music.  Characterised by a strong visual focus, musical innovation that can include anything from reggae to EDM influences in a single song, knife-sharp choreographies, and devoted fandoms, K-pop’s reach outside of South Korea is nothing short of outstanding — if not expected. While mostly known for multi-member kpop boy groups and kpop girl groups (some with upwards to 10 singers), there are also plenty of soloists, duos, trios, and a few co-ed ensembles, ensuring that even the pickiest music listener can find something to enjoy and keep up with the latest breaking Kpop news for today.

Its idols — as K-pop artists are called — are inspirational, often skilled in singing, dancing, rapping, songwriting, and producing after years of arduous training. Many are fashion ambassadors to high fashion brands (such as BTS’s Jimin for Dior), and several have ventured into acting, modeling, and designing their own collections. Idols remain in touch with global fans through tours, fan meetings, virtual fancalls and social media, including  K-pop-specific paid apps, like HYBE’s Weverse and DearU’s Bubble, where they can send direct messages to fans detailing their routines and heartfelt thoughts.

Its really up to the Kpoppie’s of Kpop to bring this into the future globally.  We support this move and hopefully you will too.  If you have an idea, a potential collaboration please contact us.  we look forward to hearing from you.  Everyone has a dream or vision and we at Kpoppie are no different so our dream or mission is to do the best we possibly can to enrich and post where possible the passion of our visitors to this website  with short but breaking news.  Mainly 1 to 5 minutes reads for those who dont have a lot of time to read lengthly articles.  We look forward to hearing from you suggestions or your feedback, its important to us the same as you are important to us. – The Kpoppie Team (Breaking Kpop News Daily)

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