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2NE1 members will reportedly reunite and make a comeback after eight years. 

Speculation surrounding a 2NE1 reunion has intensified following confirmation from YG Entertainment that a meeting is scheduled between the group’s members and former agency CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. This development comes amidst the 15th anniversary of 2NE1’s debut and follows previous rumors of a comeback project.

While neither the group members nor YG Entertainment have officially commented on the nature of the meeting, fans are naturally enthusiastic about the prospect of a reunion. YG Entertainment did acknowledge the meeting but offered no further details, stating, “It is true that YG’s producer Yang Hyun Suk and the 2NE1 members are scheduled to meet. Other than their confirmed meeting, we cannot disclose any details at this time.”

This news follows a previous meeting in May 2024 between CL, leader of 2NE1, and Yang Hyun Suk, which further fueled reunion rumors. The group also celebrated its 15th anniversary in May 2024 by sharing a group photo, further igniting fan excitement.

2NE1 officially disbanded in November 2016 with all members subsequently departing YG Entertainment. However, the group has maintained a connection, with members participating in occasional reunions, most notably at CL’s Coachella set in 2022.

2NE1 – ‘We’re 2NE1’ M/V

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