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The upcoming CassCool Festival 2024 lineup features an exciting mix of established and emerging K-pop acts, including the highly anticipated debut showcase of TIOT, the new K-pop boy group under Redstart ENM.

TIOT, whose name stands for TIME IS OUR TURN, will make their first festival performance alongside solo artist Baekho, creating a diverse and dynamic K-pop summer festival 2024 experience.

Fans eagerly await TIOT’s debut, featuring members Kim Min Seoung, Kum Jun Hyeon, Hong Keon Hee, Choi Woo Jin, and Shin Ye Chan. This CassCool 2024 performance marks a significant milestone for the upcoming K-pop boy group TIOT, potentially serving as their pre-debut or official debut stage.

K-pop enthusiasts should keep an eye out for CassCool 2024 ticket information to secure their spot at this must-see festival, showcasing both Baekho’s solo appearance and TIOT’s premiere in the vibrant world of K-pop festival performances.

– The performance time is 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM.
– Up to 4 tickets per person can be purchased.
– The performing artists may change due to unavoidable circumstances, and refunds are not possible in this case.

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