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BLACKPINK’s Lisa has made a bold comeback with her new single “Rockstar,” released on June 27, 2024. This marks her first solo release in nearly two and a half years and her debut under her own label, LLOUD.The music video for “Rockstar” showcases Lisa’s Thai heritage, featuring vibrant scenes shot in the streets of Bangkok. The song itself represents a departure from her typical K-pop style, embracing a more hip-hop-oriented sound with edgy English raps and intense choreography.Key aspects of “Rockstar” include:

  1. Production: Co-written by Lisa alongside several other writers and produced by Tedder and Homaee.
  2. Lyrics: The chorus includes lines like “‘ teeth sitting on dash, she rockstar/ favorite singer wanna, baby, la/ ‘ can you teach Japanese?’ I, ‘H’/ That’s life life, I’m astar”.
  3. Reception: The song has garnered mixed reactions. While many fans are excited about Lisa’s new direction, some Korean listeners miss the traditional K-pop elements present in her previous releases like “Money”.
  4. Significance: This release is particularly noteworthy as it’s Lisa’s first project since leaving YG Entertainment, though she remains part of BLACKPINK for group activities.
  5. Impact: The music video has sparked discussions about its potential to boost tourism in Thailand.

“Rockstar” represents a significant step in Lisa’s solo career, showcasing her artistic growth and willingness to explore new musical territories while embracing her cultural roots

Key aspects of the teaser and upcoming release include:

Visuals: The music video is described as creative and cool, with Lisa proudly displaying her Thai heritage.

Setting: The video was reportedly filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, allowing Lisa to spend time in her home country.

Sound: The teaser suggests an uptempo track with racing percussion and edgy, slightly distorted synths.

Lyrics: The teaser includes the line “Lisa can you teach me Japanese, I said HAI HAI,” which has caught fans’ attention.

Production: This release marks Lisa’s debut under RCA Records, with whom she recently partnered, allowing her to retain ownership of her master recordings.

Initial reactions to the teaser have been mixed. Some fans are excited about the new direction and visuals, while others find the song structure and lyrics repetitive. Regardless, there’s significant anticipation for Lisa’s solo comeback, with many expecting it to perform well due to her popularity.

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