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BTS member Jimin recently released his pre-release single, “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band,” featuring Loco. The track is part of his upcoming solo album, “MUSE.” The song quickly topped the iTunes Top Songs charts in 108 regions worldwide by June 29th, 7 AM KST, including major markets like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

The music video for “‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band” also achieved significant success, amassing over 5.5 million views on YouTube by June 29th, 12:30 PM KST.

Jimin’s second solo album, “MUSE,” will be released on July 19th at 1 PM KST. 

Despite starting his mandatory military service on December 12th, 2023, Jimin continues to engage with his fans. This solo album is one of several surprises he has planned for them during his service. He is expected to be discharged on June 11th, 2025.

Meanwhile, A full BTS reunion is anticipated for June 2025, with all seven members completing their military duties including Jimin. 

BTS renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music last year, exciting fans with the prospect of new music, albums, and potential concert tours post-service.

This year also marks their 11th anniversary as a group. Although most members were not able to commemorate the milestone, Jin was the one who greeted ARMYs and joined their annual “FESTA.”

Congratulations to Jimin and Loco on their successful single!

지민 (Jimin) ‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco)’ Official Track Video

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