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NCT WISH’s first Korean fan meeting tour “NCT WISH : SCHOOL of WISH” will be held 13 times in 5 cities nationwide, including Seoul on May 24-26, Busan on June 1, Jeonju on June 8, Daegu on June 15, and Cheongju on June 22. The tour is currently being held over 13 times in five cities across the country.

Tickets for all the shows on this fan meeting tour were sold out as soon as they went on sale in advance, and the Seoul show opened with one additional performance, and the Busan show on June 1 was also a success.

For fans who could not make it to the Seoul show, both days’ performances were broadcast live via Beyond LIVE and Weverse.

The concept of the June 1 Busan fan meeting was Boy Scouts, and NCT WISH’s fresh and fresh charm charmed fans with a new stage direction and costumes that differed from the Seoul performance. They performed a variety of songs from “WISH” and “Sail Away” from their debut single to “Hands Up” and “NASA” featuring powerful group dance, and a dance cover of SHINee’s “Replay”.

NCT WISH will continue with “NCT WISH: School of WISH” on June 8 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Samsung Culture Hall of Jeonbuk National University in Jeonju.

NCT WISH(エヌシーティウィッシュ)がソウル公演、釜山公演を成功的に終えた。

NCT WISHにとって初の韓国ファンミーティングツアー「NCT WISH : SCHOOL of WISH」は5月24〜26日ソウル、6月1日にプサン(釜山)、6月8日にチョンジュ(全州)、6月15日にテグ(大邱)、6月22日にチョンジュ(清州)など全国5都市で計13回にわたって現在開催されている。


ソウル公演では現場に来られないファンのために、両日の公演がBeyond LIVEとWeverseを通じて生中継された。

6月1日の釜山ファンミーティングのコンセプトはボーイスカウトで、ソウル公演と異なる舞台演出と衣装を新たに用意し、NCT WISHの爽やかで初々しい魅力がファンを魅了した。また彼らはデビューシングルに収録された「WISH」と「Sail Away」からパワフルな群舞が特徴の「Hands Up」「NASA」、SHINeeの「Replay」のダンスカバーまで多彩なステージを繰り広げた。

引き続きNCT WISHは6月8日午後2時と7時、全州(チョンジュ)にある全北(チョンブク)大学サムスン文化会館で「NCT WISH:SCHOOL of WISH」を続ける予定だ。

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