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On June 2, NCT DREAM ended their first Japan dome tour with a great success at the “2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3 : DREAM( )SCAPE> in JAPAN” held at the Banteorin Dome Nagoya.

They held 5 dome performances in 3 Japanese cities including Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.
All the shows were sold out, and a total of 235,000 people attended, demonstrating the band’s solid popularity.

In Nagoya, NCT DREAM thrilled the audience with stage songs from their second single “Moonlight” released in Japan on June 5, hit songs such as “Smoothie”, “ISTJ”, “Candy”, “We Go Up”, and “GO”, and overwhelming performances of “BOX”, “119”, and “SOS”. The audience was energized by their overwhelming performances of “BOX,” “119,” “SOS,” etc.

NCT DREAM released their 2nd single “Moonlight” in Japan on June 5.

”NCT DREAM、日本初のドームツアーで約23万5000人の観客動員”

6月2日、NCT DREAMはバンテリンドーム ナゴヤで開かれた「2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3 : DREAM( )SCAPE> in JAPAN」を最後に、初めての日本ドームツアーを大盛況で終えた。


名古屋公演ではNCT DREAMは6月5日に日本で発表した2番目のシングル「Moonlight」のステージ曲や、「Smoothie」「ISTJ」「Candy」「We Go Up」「GO」などのヒット曲、「BOX」「119」「SOS」などの圧倒的なパフォーマンスで会場内を盛り上げた。

NCT DREAMは6月5日、日本で2ndシングル「Moonlight」を発売した。

NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘Moonlight’ MV

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