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Rolling Quartz is a South Korean rock girl group that debuted on December 30, 2020 under Rolling Star Entertainment

Here’s their full profile:Members:

  1. Arem (아름) – Bassist
  2. Iree (아이리) – Lead Guitarist
  3. Yeongeun (영은) – Drummer
  4. Jayoung (자영) – Main Vocalist
  5. Hyunjung (현정) – Rhythm Guitarist

Key Facts:

  • Debut Date: December 30, 2020
  • Debut Single: “Blaze”
  • Fandom Name: Diadem
  • Company: Rolling Star Entertainment

Rolling Quartz was formed by merging two separate bands called “Rolling Girlz” and “Rose Quartz” in August 2019. They initially performed in clubs, especially in the Hongdae region of Seoul, before shifting to a stronger social media presence due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.Music Style:
They are known for their rock sound, which is relatively uncommon in the K-pop scene.Notable Releases:

  • “Blaze” (debut single)
  • “Delight”
  • “Good Night” (cover of Dreamcatcher’s song)
  • “Azalea” (rock cover of Maya’s song)
  • “Random” (collaboration with 015B)

Unique Aspects:

  • All members participate in song production, including lyrics and composition.
  • They often stream free solo concerts with live performances and interact with international fans using translators for English and Spanish.
  • They’ve collaborated with other artists, including a rock version of AleXa’s song “Xtra”.

Rolling Quartz has been gaining attention as one of the few all-female rock bands in the K-pop industry, showcasing their instrumental skills alongside their vocal abilities.

[MV] Stand Up 스탠드업 by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #KRock #GirlBand

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