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According to recent reports, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has likely stepped down from her role as CELINE’s global ambassador after a three-year tenure.  This development comes following Lisa’s recent fashion appearances and activities, including her attendance at a Louis Vuitton show in March 2024, which sparked initial rumors about her departure from CELINE.Key points regarding Lisa’s reported departure from CELINE:

  1. Lisa had been CELINE’s global ambassador since September 2020.
  2. A K-media report from Korea JoongAng Daily on June 29, 2024, revealed that Lisa has ended her association with the French luxury brand.
  3. Sources close to the commercial contract have confirmed Lisa’s departure.
  4. CELINE, which is under the LVMH group, has not provided official comments regarding the status of their contract with Lisa.
  5. Lisa’s recent appearance at a Louis Vuitton show in March 2024 fueled speculation about her changing brand affiliations.

It’s worth noting that Lisa’s potential move from CELINE to another LVMH brand like Louis Vuitton is seen by some as a lateral move within the same corporate family.  There are rumors that Lisa might be joining the Louis Vuitton team soon, though this has not been officially confirmed.Lisa’s recent activities and achievements:

  1. On June 27, 2024, Lisa released her first single in three years, “ROCKSTAR,” under her independent label LLOUD.
  2. She is set to make her acting debut in the HBO series “The White Lotus,” scheduled for 2025.
  3. Lisa has been collaborating with various artists and maintaining a strong presence in the music industry.

While this news may be difficult for fans to accept, it appears that Lisa is moving on from her role as CELINE’s global ambassador.  However, it’s important to note that as of June 29, 2024, CELINE has not made an official statement regarding Lisa’s status with the brand.

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