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Juri will be leaving Rocket Punch and the girl group will continue with five members.

Rocket Punch’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, said in a statement released in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese on Friday that Juri “is a foreign member and has a different contract period with the members.

“As of today [24 May], she has terminated her management contract with us. However, we will continue to support each other’s future wherever we are,” the statement said.

The agency thanked Juri and her fans for their support.

According to Woollim Entertainment, Rocket Punch will continue their group activities as a five-member group.

Rocket Punch debuted as a six-member girl group in August 2019 with their first EP, ‘Pink Punch’. Members Juri, Suyun and Sohee participated in Mnet’s girl group audition programme “Produce 48” in 2018. Rocket Punch is known for its songs “Bim Bam Bum” (2019), “Bouncy” (2020) and “Boom” (2023).

[M/V] BOOM | 로켓펀치(Rocket Punch)

Source: Korea Joong Ang Daily

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