The one and a half year hiatus from WOOAH has felt long – really long – to both the members of the girl group and their listeners. But WOOAH have finally returned with the digital single ‘Blush’ and vow never to let their fans down again.

“We know our fans hate us saying sorry,” Nana told the Korea Joongang Daily in Mapo, west Seoul, after the single was launched on 8 April. “But I just want to say to our fans that I’m sorry; I’m sorry for making you wait for so long. It must have felt like a long time”.

“BLUSH” comes 17 months after the release of WOOAH’s fourth single, “Pit-a-Pat”. That’s an unusually long gap between releases for a K-pop artist, especially for groups that are only four years into their careers.


From The Kpoppie Newsroom