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It is a collaboration between the two artists, the characters discover Takashi Murakami’s iconic colourful flowers on their journey, transforming their eyes into the artist’s painting style.

The Journey since “How Sweet”

NewJeans returned on 24 May with “How Sweet”, the B-side “Bubble Gum” and backing versions of both songs, and on 21 June with the title track “Supernatural”, the B-side “Right Now” and backing versions of both songs.
The song “Right Now” has been released as a commercial promo song in Korea and Japan.

Other Key Events

Key Events

  • On April 22nd, HYBE announced an audit on ADOR and demanded the resignation of Min Hee-jin, accusing her of plotting to take ADOR independent and leaking confidential information.
  • Min Hee-jin denied the allegations and countered by accusing HYBE of creating a rival girl group ILLIT that copied NewJeans’ music and visuals.
  • Despite the dispute, NewJeans released “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” as scheduled on May 24th.
  • On May 31st, NewJeans members Minji and Danielle publicly expressed support for Min Hee-jin after winning on a music show for “How Sweet”.
  • HYBE stated it would continue to support NewJeans’ activities while providing care for the members amid the conflict.
  • However, there are concerns from fans that a potential departure of Min Hee-jin could significantly impact NewJeans’ creative direction and future.

Current Situation

The feud between HYBE and Min Hee-jin remains unresolved, with both sides accusing each other of misconduct. 

HYBE has filed a legal complaint against Min Hee-jin, while she has threatened to sue HYBE for damages. The situation is expected to escalate further through potential court battles over control of ADOR.Meanwhile,

NewJeans is scheduled to make their Japanese debut in June with new singles and hold a fan meeting in Tokyo, though the conflict has disrupted their initial plans for a full album and world tour in 2024-2025. 

The members have remained largely silent, but their public support for Min Hee-jin suggests they may be deeply affected by the events.

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