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According to their agency Big Planet Made, the new girl group Badvillain will debut on the 3rd of June.

The agency uploaded a poster on the group’s official Instagram on Monday midnight.

Badvillain has seven members: Emma, Chloe Young, Hu’e, Yunseo, Ina, Vin and Kelly.

Emma is a member of the project dance crew “Want” who appeared on the Mnet audition programme “Street Woman Fighter” (2023). Chloe Young is a former member of the famous Korean dance crew 1Million. Hu’e and Yunseo were participants in MBC’s idol audition programme “My Teenage Girl” (2021).

Ina, Vin and Kelly all have experience in dance academies.

Badvillain is the first girl group to be produced from scratch by Big Planet Made. The agency’s debut girl group was Viviz two years ago, but its members were already established as members of GFriend.

Both of Badvillain’s performance videos, uploaded to the Big Planet Made YouTube channel, have received more than 2 million views as of Monday.

Big Planet Made is a subsidiary of One Hundred, a company that was co-founded by the rapper MC Mong and the chairman of the P Arc Group, Cha Ga-won. The agency also represents singers Lee Mu-jin, Huh Gak and comedian Lee Su-geun. Baekhyun’s agency INB100 also joined as a subsidiary of One Hundred last Thursday.

BADVILLAIN – ‘Hurricane’ Live Clip
BADVILLAIN – ‘Hurricane’ Performance Video
BADVILLAIN – ‘+82’ Performance Video


BADVILLAIN (배드빌런) is an upcoming seven-piece girl group from BPM Entertainment. They will make their debut on 3 June 2024 with the single album “Overstep”.

On 4 April 2024, BPM Entertainment announced the debut of a new six member girl group. They will debut in the first half of 2024.

A first spoiler film was released on the 17th of April, confirming that the group will debut as seven.

On the 16th of May, Kelly, Chloe Young, INA and HU’E were introduced. The next day, Emma, Vin and YunSeo were introduced.

On the 20th of May, BADVILLAIN announced that they would debut on the 3rd of June. The next day they released the promotional poster for ‘Overstep’.


NamePosition(s)Year(s) active
Emma (엠마)Dancer, Rapper2024–present
Chloe Young (클로이영)Rapper2024–present
HU’E (휴이)Vocal2024–present
INA (이나)Dancer, Rapper2024–present
YunSeo (윤서)Rapper2024–present
Vin (빈)Vocal2024-present
Kelly (켈리)Vocal, Maknae2024-present

Partial Source: Korea Joong Ang Daily

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