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On June 24, 2024, K-pop heartthrobs VERIVERY had their fans screaming and cheering during their New York City stop. Currently, the K-pop boy group is embarking on their 2024 US Tour, “Go On.”

During the show, the K-pop group sang and danced with utmost passion at The Bowery Present Racket NYC. This intimate venue located in the heart of New York City made the fans feel even more connected to VERIVERY, as they were able to see and interact with the boys up close!

Though the group is composed of seven members, only four members – Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin – were present at the event. Currently, leader Dongheon is partaking in his mandatory military service, while Hoyoung and Minchan are on hiatuses to focus on their health.

The crowd immediately went crazy as the four VERIVERY members hit the stage. The boy performed a series of their top hits, including “Tag, Tag, Tag.”

This is VERIVERY’s second tour performing in New York City. The beloved boy group previously held a show in New York City in 2019. Kangmin, 21, revealed that they loved performing in the city so much that they were highly anticipating their return. He told fans, “We wanted to come back here really soon, and today is the day it finally happened.”

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