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  1. ATEEZ’s song “WORK” reached the top spot on the KBS WORLD Radio K-Pop Top Ten Chart for the 5th week of June 2024. This achievement underscores ATEEZ‘s growing popularity and their ability to produce chart-topping hits consistently.
  2. ILLIT made a groundbreaking entry into the Billboard Hot 100 with their debut single ‘Magnetic’, a remarkable achievement for a rookie K-pop artist. This success highlights the increasing global appeal of K-pop and the potential for new groups to make an immediate impact on international charts.
  3. ZICO and Jennie from BLACKPINK claimed the top spot on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, marking ZICO‘s debut at number one. Their collaboration showcases the power of combining established K-pop talents to create chart-topping hits.
  4. Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM made a notable debut on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, showcasing the impact of her solo endeavors. This achievement demonstrates the growing trend of K-pop group members successfully pursuing individual projects alongside their group activities.
  5. ITZY completed the North American leg of their 2nd world tour “BORN TO BE”, with three more stops in Asia scheduled. The success of their tour reflects the group’s expanding global fanbase and their ability to draw large audiences outside of Korea.
  6. Kep1er became a 7-member group in Korea as of July 3rd, with plans to become a 7-member group globally after finishing appearances in Japan later this month. This change in the group’s lineup marks a significant transition for Kep1er and will likely influence their future musical direction and performances.
  7. BND (Brand New Days) released an OST called “Lucky Charm” for the K-drama “Miss Day and Night”. This contribution to a popular drama’s soundtrack provides BND with increased exposure and demonstrates the continued importance of OSTs in the K-pop industry.
  8. STAYC made a comeback after 11 months with a new title track, though it has received mixed reactions from Korean fans and netizens. The varied response to their comeback highlights the challenges K-pop groups face in meeting fan expectations and evolving their sound while maintaining their core appeal.
  9. Stray Kids collaborated with Charlie Puth on the track “Lose My Breath”, setting the stage for a major crossover moment for the chart-topping group. This collaboration represents a significant opportunity for Stray Kids to expand their international reach and potentially break into new markets.



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