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Based on the available information which is no a lot, there is a collaboration song called “Hush-Hush” between ATEEZ, a South Korean boy group, and BE:FIRST a Japanese dancing and vocal boys group. This collaboration is a recent development, as the information is being shared on social media platforms as of June 27, 2024

Some details about the song:

  1. The title of the collaboration is confirmed to be “Hush-Hush”.
  2. There is reportedly an image associated with the song that resembles a solar eclipse. This visual element may be part of the song’s concept or promotional material.
  3. The collaboration appears to have brought the two groups closer together, with reports of them hanging out together

Who Are ATEEZ?

ATEEZ is a South Korean boy group that has been making waves in the K-pop industry since their debut in 2018. Here’s an overview of the group:

ATEEZ consists of eight members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. The group’s name stands for “A TEEnager Z” or “A to Z,” signifying their aim to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Key points about ATEEZ:

Debut: They debuted on October 24, 2018, with the mini-album “TREASURE EP.1: All to Zero”.
Company: ATEEZ is under KQ Entertainment.

International recognition: In 2019, they signed with RCA Records in the USA and Nippon Columbia in Japan, expanding their global reach.

Fandom: Their fan base is called ATINY, a combination of “ATEEZ” and “destiny”.

Musical style: ATEEZ is known for their powerful performances, combining strong vocals and impressive dance skills.

Achievements: In 2024, ATEEZ became the first Korean boy group to perform at Coachella. They’re also featured in the Grammy’s K-pop pop-up display from April to June 2024.

Positive messaging: The group is noted for delivering positive messages through their music and performances, setting them apart in the current music landscape.

Global tours: ATEEZ has conducted several successful tours, including their “Expedition” tour in 2019 and “The Fellowship: Break The Wall” in 2023, both of which included European dates.

ATEEZ has been recognized by Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism as “Leaders of the Fourth Generation of K-pop,” highlighting their significant impact on the genre. Their unique blend of talent, positive messaging, and strong connection with fans has contributed to their rising popularity both in South Korea and internationally.


Photo by Seitaro Tanaka from BE:FIRST’s X Official Page

BE:FIRST X ATEEZ / Hush-Hush -Teaser
BE:FIRST / Mainstream -Music Video

BE:FIRST (ビーファースト) is a seven member Japanese dance and vocal boy group formed in 2021 from the audition show THE FIRST created by rapper SKY-HI. The group is signed under SKY-HI’s management company BMSG and made their debut in November 2021 in BMSG’s label B-ME.

The group has no set leader so that everyone will share their thoughts and teach on an equal basis. Furthermore, there are no set positions, as they are a group made up of aces where everyone can be, and is, the center.



In 2021 SKY-HI held an audition for a new boy group, with plans to debut them within the year under his recently formed management company BMSG. This audition was called THE FIRST, which aired on Hulu Japan from April 2 – August 13. In the final episode the seven members were selected and BE:FIRST was born.
Shortly after the formation announcement, the group released their pre-debut single Shining One on August 16th to much success.
On September 18, they performed in front of their first audience ever at SUPERSONIC 2021.
On October 6, they performed at MTV LIVE MATCH 2021.
On October 10, they performed at the first BMSG showcase, BMSG Showcase 2021 in INNOFES.
On October 26, they announced they would be collaborating with the comic magazine Kiss, recreating a series of iconic manga covers.
On October 29 they received the Rising Star Award from MTV.
On November 3 they made their major debut with the release of their first single Gifted.
On November 5, they held their first one man live, “FIRST” One Man Show -We All Gifted.-. The same day, they opened their fanclub app.
On November 5, RYOKI, SHUNTO and RYUHEI started their regular corner, “BE:FIRST no BE:TALK”, in CBC Radio’s Mix Youth Radio program, on air every Friday.
On November 6, they performed at BUZZ RHYTHM LIVE 2021.
On November 9, they performed at SAPPORO COLLECTION 2021 ONLINE WINTER Edition.
On November 26, their first starring show Gifted Days started streaming on Hulu.
On December 1, they won the “Artist who became a hot topic” award at the LINE MUSIC Trend Awards 2021.
On December 1, they started a promotional campaign for Panasonic Technics Wireless Earbuds.
On December 8, they won the first place in the Idol Category of the Yahoo Search Awards 2021.
On December 9, they won the Recochoku Annual Ranking 2021 – #1 New Artist Award.
On December 15, they starred in the LIPPS Styling Oil CM campaign, with their song Kick Start used as part of the soundtrack.
On December 20, they started their first fan meeting tour, -Hello My BESTY-.

On January 3, they started their regular radio program in the J-WAVE station, BE:FIRST no SPARK!, on air every Monday.
On January 29 and 30, they performed at THE FIRST FINAL, their graduation concert from THE FIRST.
On February 16, the DVD and Blu-ray of their first one man live, “FIRST” One Man Show -We All Gifted.-, were released.
On March 11, RYUHEI hurt his hand when he fell going back home, so he had to sit out all activities involving performing for a couple of weeks.
On March 13, they won the Best 5 New Artist Award at the Japan Gold Disc Awards 2022.
On March 15, they performed at the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2022, where BMSG got the Best New Vision Award.
On March 21, they performed at the TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2022 SPRING/SUMMER event.
On March 24, the group was designated as the official supporter of the Botero 2022 Art Exhibition. As such, they recorded the audio guide, a commercial, and made several TV appearances throughout March, April and May to help promote it, as well as other online promotional material.
On April 2, their first terrestrial network TV show, BE:FIRST TV, started airing, exactly a year after THE FIRST.
On April 6, UHA announced that BE:FIRST had been selected to star in their newest “Canelétte” CM campaign and that Bye-Good-Bye would be used as the soundtrack.
On April 8, TikTok announced that BE:FIRST would be the ambassadors of their new “#Trending Sound Source Wanted” campaign and that they would be giving out a special “award”. The boys would choose a song and choreograph a dance to it on their account.
On April 17, they performed at JFN EARTHDAY SPECIAL TO THE FUTURE From INI, invited by INI, a group that debuted the same day as them.
On April 19, BE:FIRST was chosen as YouTube’s “Artist On The Rise”.
On April 24, they held their second one man live, “Bye-Good-Bye” One Day One Man Show. That day, they announced they would be launching a national tour in 2022.
On April 30, the group performed at VIVA LA ROCK 2022.
On May 6, a modified version of their first one man live, “FIRST” One Man Show -We All Gifted.-, was streamed on their YouTube channel as part of YouTube Music Weekend vol. 5.
On May 15, they held a special live stream through LINE MUSIC to celebrate the release of their second single.
On May 16, Ryoki, Sota, Shunto and Ryuhei held a special live chat through AWA LOUNGE to celebrate the release of their second single.
On May 18, the group released their second single, Bye-Good-Bye.
On May 29, they performed at MTV LIVE MATCH 2022.05.29.
On July 13, they released Don’t Wake Me Up, their first digital single and collaboration with a foreign artist, Jonas Blue.
On July 29 they performed “Don’t Wake Me Up” at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’22 as Jonas Blue’s guests.
On August 2 and 9, they performed at THE STAR NEXTAGE.
On August 12, they performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2022.
On August 20 and 21, they performed at SUMMER SONIC 2022.
On August 27, they performed at Ongaku to Higetachi 2022 -My Home Town-.
On August 31, they released their first album BE:1.
On September 1, they were chosen as MTV Japan’s artist of the month of september
On September 4, they performed at Rolling Stone Japan LIVE 5th Anniversary Special.
On September 7, they were appointed brand ambassadors for FILA JAPAN
On September 9, they announced a collaboration with Sega’s purikura machines ROMAPI and lalamee.
On September 17 and 18, they performed at BMSG FES ’22.
On September 23 they kicked off their first national tour, BE:FIRST 1st One Man Tour “BE:1” 2022-2023.
On October 1 they started their new radio show in the J-WAVE station, MILLION BILLION, after BE:FIRST no SPARK! aired its last episode on September 26.
On October 15 they were featured on NHK’s Venue101 spin-off Venue101 Presents – a 30 minute live special dedicated to a single artist.
On November 2 they appeared at the MTV VMAJ 2022.
On November 3 to celebrate their first debut anniversary, they held a YouTube livestream: BE:FIRST AWARD 2022.
On November 10 they performed on NTV’s Best Hits Kayousai 2022.
On November 15, they won the Outstanding Work of the Year Award at the 64th Japan Record Awards for Bye-Good-Bye.
On November 23 they performed on the the TV Tokyo Ongakusai 2022.
On December 3 they performed on NTV’s Best Artist 2022.
On December 6 they performed at the YouTube Fanfest Japan 2022.
On December 13 they appeared at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards in Nagoya.
On December 28 they appeared on NTV’s Happyou! Kotoshi Ichiban Kiita Uta ~Nenkan Music Awards 2022~.
On December 30 they performed at the TBS Japan Record Awards.
On December 31 they made their first appearance at the 73rd NHK Kouhaku Utagassen.


On February 13, they released their third digital single Boom Boom Back.
During the month of March, they were selected as the TikTok x Spotify Buzz Tracker Monthly Artist.
On March 4, they performed at TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2023 SPRING/SUMMER.
On March 11 and 12 they performed at the D.U.N.K. Showcase.
On April 26, they released their third single, Smile Again, which was selected as the Global Campaign Song for sunscreen brand ANESSA.
On May 4, they performed at VIVA LA ROCK 2023.
On May 5, they performed at JAPAN JAM 2023.
On May 12, as part of a collaboration between BE:FIRST TV and baseball team the Yomiuri Giants, they appeared as special supporters at the Giants’ match against Hiroshima at the Tokyo Dome.
On May 12, they appeared on popular YouTube channel THE FIRST TAKE with a performance of a newly arranged version of Bye-Good-Bye.
On May 24, they returned to THE FIRST TAKE with a re-arranged version of Smile Again.
On July 13, they announced their not yet titled 4th single to be released September 13.
On July 17, they performed at INSPIRE TOKYO 2023 EXTRA along with MAZZEL.
On July 23, they performed at NUMBER SHOT2023.
On August 11, they performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2023.
On August 19 and 20, they performed at SUMMER SONIC 2023.
On August 25, they released their first movie, documentary film BE:the ONE.
On August 26, they performed at Ongaku to Higetachi 2023 -WA-.
On August 30, they released the split single Sarracenia / Salvia with SKY-HI. The songs serve as the opening and ending theme songs for anime Baki Hanma, which began airing August 24 on Netflix.
On September 13, they released their fourth CD single, Mainstream.
On September 18, they performed at WILD BUNCH FEST. 2023.
On September 29, they made their first appearance on venerable TV Asahi music program Music Station.
During the last two weekends in September, they performed at BMSG FES ’23.
On October 28, they performed at NHK WORLD – JAPAN MUSIC FESTIVAL.
From November to February they will hold their first arena tour, BE:FIRST ARENA TOUR 2023-2024 “Mainstream”.
On November 4, they performed at the tv asahi DREAM FESTIVAL 2023.
On November 5, they performed at BUZZ RHYTHM LIVE 2023.
On November 21, they won the Outstanding Work of the Year Award at the 65th Japan Record Awards for Mainstream.
On November 22, they performed at MTV VMAJ 2023.
On December 23, they and SKY-HI performed at BEAT AX.
On December 31, they performed at the 74th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen making it their second appearance in a row.


On February 14, they were announced as special guests in new ads for NTT Docomo’s mobile service ahamo.
In March and April they will hold BE:FIRST LIVE in DOME 2024 “Mainstream – Masterplan” – their first ever dome tour with two shows each at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome in Osaka.
On March 11, they released Gifted. -Orchestra ver.-, a remake of their debut song with a 36 piece orchestra.
On March 17, they performed at STARLIGHT+ 2024.
On March 29, they sang the national anthem and gave a special performance at the Yomiuri Giants 90th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.
On April 8, they announced the start of One Of The BE:ST, a new project in which each member will release their own solo song.
On April 24, they released their first “Concept Single,” Masterplan, with a reformed selling method as part of BMSG’s new initiative to reduce the plastic waste that often accompanies bulk buying of CDs.
On May 3, they performed at VIVA LA ROCK 2024.
On May 5, they performed at JAPAN JAM 2024.
On July 1, they will digitally release a new song whose title has not yet been announced.
On July 15, they will perform at INSPIRE TOKYO 2024.
On July 19, they will perform at BUZZ RHYTHM LIVE -10th Anniversary.
On August 3, they will perform at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2024.
On August 11, they will perform at ONE PIECE DAY ’24 SPECIAL LIVE.
On August 17 and 18, they will perform at SUMMER SONIC 2024.
On August 23, they will perform at WILD BUNCH FEST. 2024.
On August 25, they will perform at WANIMA presents 1CHANCE FESTIVAL 2024.
On August 28, they will release their second album, 2:BE.
On August 31, they will perform at Ongaku to Higetachi 2024 -END OF SUMMER-.
On November 30 and December 1, they will be the special guest artist for the Okinawa stop of the back number anti sleeps tour 2024.

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