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Rising K-pop boy group NTX is preparing to make waves in the music industry with their highly anticipated comeback. The group is set to release their new single album “HOLD X” on July 10, marking their first musical offering of 2023.

The six-member ensemble, consisting of Seungho, Seokhwa, Jaehyun, Taekwan, Junghoon, and Hyunjae, has been steadily gaining attention since their debut. Their upcoming release promises to showcase the group’s growth and artistic evolution.

NTX has been building excitement for “HOLD X” through a series of teaser content. The group’s official social media accounts have been buzzing with activity, releasing concept photos and video teasers that hint at a bold and dynamic concept for this comeback.

The title track, also named “HOLD X,” is described as an intense dance song that blends hip-hop elements with a powerful performance. Fans can expect a high-energy showcase that highlights NTX’s sharp choreography and vocal prowess.

As part of their promotional strategy, NTX will be engaging with fans through various activities leading up to and following the release. The group is scheduled to appear on music shows and participate in special events, giving supporters multiple opportunities to connect with the members.

With “HOLD X,” NTX aims to solidify their position in the competitive K-pop landscape and expand their global fanbase. As anticipation builds, all eyes are on this promising group to see how they will leave their mark with this electrifying comeback.

Who Are NTX?

NTX is a South Korean boy group formed by Victory Company. Here are the key details about NTX:

  1. Members: The group currently consists of 9 members – Hyeonjin, Yunhyeok, Jaemin, Changhun, Hojun, Rawhyun, Eunho, Jiseong, and Seungwon.
  2. Debut: NTX officially debuted on March 30, 2021, with their lead single “Kiss The World” from their debut EP “Full of Lovescapes”.
  3. Name meaning: The name ‘NTX’ stands for ‘NEO TRACKS NO.X’ and represents “10 children pioneering new music paths”.
  4. Fandom: Their fan base is called NTFUL, which combines NTX and Beautiful, representing the beauty of moments shared between the group and their fans.
  5. History: The group was originally formed with 10 members, but Gihyun left in November 2022 for personal reasons.
  6. Activities: NTX has released several EPs and singles since their debut. They’ve also participated in reality shows like “Peak Time” in 2023.
  7. Member roles: Hyeongjin and Yunhyeok are both listed as leaders of the group, with Hyeongjin also being the main vocalist
  8. Recent developments: Jiseong, who had been inactive due to activities with another group called TAN, is set to resume activities with NTX.

NTX continues to grow in the K-pop industry, showcasing their talents through music releases and various performances.

NTX (엔티엑스) – Holy Grail [Music Video]

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