Ateez’s Hong Joong is no stranger to charitable donations, and Children’s Day is no exception. 

Yesterday, May 5th, was Korea’s Children’s Day, a day to celebrate and uplift children. The holiday is celebrated nationwide to uplift the world’s most exploited demographic; kids. 

For children’s day, Korean celebrities frequently make donations to charities aiming to help children in any way they can. On May 5th 2024, many donations were made by actors, singers, and public figures, including some idols.

Hong Joong has been known to make donations to charities he cares about, and has even sported certain fashion accessories to uplift marginalized groups and show his support for certain movements in a subtle way. 

Still, this Children’s Day he shocked his fans by donating $50 million won (~$37,000USD) to World Vision Korea. The donation will be given to domestic family caregivers to provide safe and healthy environments for children.

Ateez’s fans, ATINY, have been flooding social media with their support and love for his show of compassion. Hongjoong’s donation made headlines across the nation and made it onto the local news alongside other celebrities. 

All in all, a loving and uplifting day in the world of K-pop.

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