The other day, upThe two BLACKPINK members were in New York City this weekend, and they looked adorable as they walked around town together.

you know you love us, xoxo  💋💋💋

Rose captioned the series of Insta photos with the caption above referencing the hit early 2000s tv show Gossip Girl. 

Both Rose and Jennie were dressed stunningly in comfy and simple outfits fit for the dreary NYC weather.

In the photos, they can be seen walking the streets of the city through the rain with an umbrella for coverage. 

Fans were quick to point out that they resembled the iconic main characters of Gossip Girl, Serena and Blair. They even posted photos comparing the two duos, titling them “The Blair and Serena of kpop”

With the show set in New York and the two idols having similar hair to the girls, it’s no wonder fans made the comparison once they saw Rose’s caption. 

Both girls were in the city to participate in two separate modeling and promotional events. We hope they had enough time to enjoy the Big Apple in between busy schedules!