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aespa, the K-pop girl group, released a music video for their song “Live My Life” on May 16, 2024, as part of their upcoming album “Armageddon”

The video showcases the group members embracing the joy of everyday life and celebrating the beauty in ordinary moments.In the two-minute video, aespa members are seen enjoying simple pleasures and connecting with nature in scenic locations

The visuals complement the song’s lyrics, which express their determination to face challenges and live authentically without fear of the future.The music video for “Live My Life” is part of aespa’s unique concept and lore, which involves introducing fans to different versions of the members from parallel universes

This approach expands their storyline and offers a richer worldview for their audience.While there isn’t a specific background story mentioned for this particular music video, it’s worth noting that it’s part of aespa’s larger narrative and concept.

The group, formed by SM Entertainment in 2019, consists of four members: Winter, Karina, Ningning, and Giselle.”Live My Life” is one of several tracks from their upcoming album “Armageddon,” set to be released on May 27, 2024

The album will also feature other songs like “Set the Tone,” “Mine,” “Licorice,” and the title track “Armageddon”.Fans have responded positively to the music video, describing it as fun and noting that it will likely be enjoyable when performed live with a band

The rock and roll vibes portrayed by the group in the video have also been appreciated by viewers

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