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Based our researcH, here are some underrated K-pop groups worth checking out:

Boy Groups

TAN: A 7-member group formed through the survival show “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol”. They debuted in 2022 and produce their own music.

GHOST9: A 7-member group under Maroo Entertainment that participated in the survival show “PEAK TIME” and finished in the top 10.

VAV: A self-producing 6-member group that debuted in 2015. They write, compose and produce their own music.

HIGHLIGHT: Formerly known as BEAST, this veteran 4-member group rebranded in 2016 after leaving Cube Entertainment.

A.C.E: A 5-member group known for their EDM and pop sound. Their recent album “My Girl: My Choice” showcases their musicality.

ATBO: A 7-member group that debuted in 2022 with a blend of hip-hop and R&B styles, as heard in “Next To Me” and “Attitude”.

The KingDom: A 7-member group with a grand, historical sound fitting for K-dramas, like “COUP D’ETAT” and “Ascension”.

LUN8: An 8-member group with an upbeat, bright pop sound, like their recent album “BUFF” and title track “SUPER POWER”.

LUMINOUS: A 4-member group aiming to convey hope and comfort to youth through their music, like “Youth”.

Girl Groups

PIXY: A talented 5-member group whose EPs have charted on the Gaon Album Charts, with “Chosen Karma” peaking at #20.

ICHILLIN’: A 7-member group that debuted in 2021 with the track “GOT’YA” under KM Entertainment.

bugAboo: A 6-member group from A Team Entertainment that debuted in late 2021 with “bugAboo”.

Billlie: A 7-member group from Mystic Story, known for their unique debut “GingaMingaYo (The Strange World)”.

Rocking Doll: A 4-member group that debuted in late 2021 under SRP Entertainment with their self-titled album.

H1-KEY: A 4-member group where members Hwiseo and Riina gained attention on “Queendom Puzzle”.

ILY:1: A 6-member group from FCENM Entertainment that debuted in 2022 with “Love in Bloom”.

LAPILLUS: A rising 6-member group appointed as ambassadors for the 2023 Boryeong Mud Festival.

Have any of these underrated K-Pop groups won awards or competitions?

Yes, there are several underrated K-pop groups that have won awards or competitions despite not being from major entertainment agencies. Based on the search results, here are some examples:


  • A 7-member boy group that debuted in 2022 under Sublime Artist Agency.
  • They won the 2022 Brand of the Year award for Best New Male Artist.
  • Their debut single “Attitude” topped several charts upon release.

The KingDom

  • A 7-member boy group that debuted in 2022 under Zion Music.
  • They won Best New Male Dance Performance at the 2022 Seoul Music Awards for “COUP D’ETAT”.
  • Their grand, historical concepts suit K-drama soundtracks well.


  • A 7-member girl group formed by Mystic Story in 2021.
  • Won Best New Female Artist at the 2022 Seoul Music Awards.
  • Their debut “GingaMingaYo (The Strange World)” was a unique release that gained attention.


  • A 4-member girl group under Grandline Group that debuted in 2022.
  • Members Hwiseo and Riina gained popularity on Mnet’s Queendom Puzzle competition.
  • Won the Rookie Award at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.


  • A 6-member girl group from MLD Entertainment that debuted in 2022.
  • Appointed as ambassadors for the 2023 Boryeong Mud Festival, indicating rising popularity.
  • Their debut “Hit Ya!” charted well on Korean charts.

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