H1-KEY returns with ‘Deeper’, climbing the K-pop ranks and embracing diverse cultures. Discover their evolution and connection with fans worldwide.

H1-KEY is back, making waves with their latest single, “기뻐 (Deeper).” The all-girl quartet, consisting of SEOI, RIINA, HWISEO, and YEL, has quickly risen to prominence in the K-pop scene, securing the third spot in brand reputation rankings among girl groups, trailing only behind NewJeans and BLACKPINK. Their new track, part of the H1-KEYnote project, aims to showcase their musical identity while offering solace to their fans. Following their debut in January 2022 with “Athletic Girl,” H1-KEY has been on an upward trajectory, captivating audiences with their heartfelt music.

Evolution of H1-KEY’s Musical Journey

In an exclusive conversation with ZEE India, H1-KEY discusses “Deeper,” the essence of K-pop, and their affection for Indian culture. SEOI reveals that the song was crafted by the talented duo of Hong Ji Sang and Young K from DAY6, intending to convey a message of hope through its serene melody and profound lyrics. RIINA describes H1-KEY’s music as a diary, reflecting their growth and evolution over the past two years since their debut. YEL emphasizes the group’s desire to empower their listeners through their music, highlighting their journey towards better expressing the emotions in their songs.

H1-KEY(하이키) ‘건물 사이에 피어난 장미 (Rose Blossom)’ M/V

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