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Maddox is not a member of the K-pop group ATEEZ. He is a solo singer, songwriter, and producer under KQ Entertainment, the same company that manages ATEEZ.Some key facts about Maddox:

• His full name is Kim Kyung-moon, and his stage name Maddox was chosen as a reminder of his roots in the UK where he lived for 10 years.
• He was born on March 15, 1995 in Wales, UK and grew up in Bournemouth until age 10 before moving to South Korea.
• He debuted as a solo artist under KQ Entertainment on April 3, 2019.
• While not an official member, Maddox has produced and written songs for ATEEZ. He is known for narrating ATEEZ’s song “Long Journey”.
• He has a vocal range of three octaves and cites artists like D’Angelo and Frank Ocean as influences.

What Are Most Of Maddox’s Popular Songs?

Digital singles

“But Maybe” (2019)
“Color Blind” (2019)
“Sleep” (2020)
“Knight” (2021)


“EDEN Stardust.05” (with Eden) (2018)
“Passport” (with NiiHWA) (2019)
Dive” (with bcalm) (2020)
“EDEN Stardust2 Vol.07” (with Eden, ATEEZ, Eden-ary) (2020)


KillaGramz – “Drive” (2018)
Eden – “3 Things” (2019)

Participation releases

“Signhere Episode 1” (“Juice” with DooYoung, Seungrae) (2019)
“Signhere Episode 3” (“Lullaby” feat. Hoody) (2019)
“Signhere Episode 5” (“Chemistry” feat. Hash Swan) (2019)
“Into My Playlist Pt. 4” (“Fairy Of Shampoo”) (2023)

Maddox(마독스) – ‘But Maybe’ (Live Clip)

Note: The Above Tweet is from 2019

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