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As the countdown begins with only three days left until TREASURE’s new song is released, the excitement among music fans worldwide is palpable. YG Entertainment has unveiled captivating visuals of all members, further fueling the anticipation.  

On May 25, YG Entertainment posted the “KING KONG” concept poster. The image featuring the track title, “KING KONG,” immediately grabbed attention as it revealed the members’ stunning visuals and overwhelming energy. 

The outfits, highlighted with black and red accents, amplify TREASURE’s unique hip charm. Each member’s distinctive style creates a synergy, evoking a subtle tension. The grand structure that briefly appeared in the teaser video, rising into the sky, also draws attention.

Additionally, the individual teasers for Jihoon and Doyoung, the last to be revealed, have finally been unveiled. Their deepened gazes, combined with the design reminiscent of wanted posters, increase curiosity about their new song’s message.

Fans are buzzing with excitement as the newly released teaser content and posters showcase a different, more chic, and mature charm than TREASURE has shown before. This transformation has piqued great interest as TREASURE, known for their limitless concept versatility, prepares to present a new side in this comeback.

TREASURE’s new digital single ‘KING KONG’ will be released on the 28th at 6 PM. YG has hinted at a powerful sound and dynamic performance, promising a freshness different from TREASURE’s previous music. They stated, “We have maximized the group’s unique energetic charisma.”

Meanwhile, TREASURE is conducting their second Asia tour, ‘ 2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT]’, which spans five cities and nine shows. TREASURE will perform in Bangkok this week after performing in Manila and Hong Kong. They will then move on to Kuala Lumpur on June 22 and Jakarta on June 29-30.


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