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IT group NewJeans has dominated album charts with their new double single, “How Sweet.” The tracks continue their rise on music charts, signaling major success.

Breaking records and setting new standards, NewJeans’ double single ‘How Sweet’ sold a staggering 811,843 copies on its release day alone, catapulting to the top spot on the daily album chart for May 24th. With such a meteoric rise, the group is on track to achieve their fourth ‘million-seller’ milestone with ease.

NewJeans is also strong in the digital music realm. As of 11 AM on the 25th, the title track ‘How Sweet’ ranked 2nd on Melon’s ‘Top 100’ chart. The song entered the chart at 7th place just an hour after its release and has been steadily climbing. The second A track, “Bubble Gum,” also ranked highly, landing at #2 on Bugs, #5 on Melon, and #10 on Genie, driving the group’s dual popularity.

Unlike other real-time music site charts, Melon’s ‘Top 100’ (from 8 AM to 24 PM) combines 24-hour and recent 1-hour usage equally to determine rankings, highlighting NewJeans‘ widespread popularity and explosive influence.

NewJeans’ global success continues to be observed. On the 25th, their double single ‘How Sweet’ ranked in the top positions on iTunes’ Top Albums’ chart in more than 20 countries/regions, including Japan (4th), Australia (10th), the U.S. (11th), and Canada (20th). The title track ‘How Sweet’ ranked on the iTunes’ Top Songs’ chart in more than 25 countries/regions, while ‘Bubble Gum’ ranked in over 20 countries/regions.

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘How Sweet’ Official MV

“How Sweet” MV is also gaining immense popularity. Praised for its sensory filming angles and aesthetics from both human and animal perspectives, along with capturing NewJeans’ hip vibe, the music video topped YouTube’s ‘Most Viewed Videos in 24 Hours’ chart.

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘How Sweet’ Performance Video | Coke Studio

The performance video is equally a hot topic. At midnight on the 25th, NewJeans released a performance video for ‘How Sweet’ on their official YouTube channel. Filmed at Coke Studio, the video showcases the members flawlessly executing hip-hop dance moves and a groovy moonwalk, captivating global fans. 

The video ranked among the top trending videos in several countries, including 4th in Korea, 17th in Canada, 19th in the U.K., and 23rd in the U.S., securing 2nd place on YouTube Trending Worldwide.

NewJeans will continue their music show activities with an appearance on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on the 26th.

(P.S. If you don’t know, double-single, “double A-side,” “AA-side,” or “dual single” is a single where both sides/tracks are designated as A-side, with no designated B-side; that is, both sides are prospective hit songs) 

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