ILLIT is a girl group consisting of five members managed by Belift Lab. They were formed through the JTBC reality show R U Next? and originally consisted of six members. They made their debut on March 25, 2024, with the mini-album Super Real Me.

The group name is derived from the phrase ‘I Will Be It’, which combines the autonomous and proactive will (I will) with the pronoun (It) that signifies something special. Depending on the verb that fits between the two words, it can become anything.

Prior to their debut, JTBC and Belift Lab began filming for the new survival program R U Next? on June 1, 2023. The program aims to create the agency’s next global girl group and will assess contestants through seven rounds.

On June 7, JTBC released three film photographs along with a teaser video to promote the show.

R U Next? premiered on June 30, 2023, and the live finale was broadcast on September 1. The top six girls will debut in the show’s product group I’LL-IT. During the finale, six contestants were revealed to make their debut. Wonhee ranked first overall, Youngseo ranked second, Minju ranked third, Iroha ranked fourth, Moka ranked sixth, and Yunah ranked fifth (but was announced sixth). Two contestants were chosen by the viewers and four were chosen by the label. Additionally, it was announced that the group will debut in 2024. The group’s social media accounts were launched later that day.

On September 8th, they posted profile photos of the members.

On January 5th, 2024, Youngseo left I’LL-IT after mutually agreeing to terminate her contract with Belift Lab.

Belift Lab confirmed on February 13 that I’LL-IT will debut in March. The group’s debut is set for March 25 with a mini album.

The group name has been stylized as ILLIT moving forward, as revealed in a logo teaser released on February 26.

The group will release their first mini album, Super Real Me, on March 25. Belift Lab officially announced the title of the mini album on the same day.

ILLIT (아일릿) ‘Magnetic’ Official MV

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