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NEXZ officially debuted their first single album ‘Ride the Vibe’ on 20 May, consisting of members Tomoya, Yuu, Haru, So Gun, Seita, Huey and Yuki.
The music video, which initially reached 10 million views, has now surpassed 20 million views as of 8am on 1 June.

The ‘Ride the Vibe’ music video captures the group’s unique vibe as they navigate through various urban environments. It showcases the chemistry, energy and confident performances of the seven members.
The song and its visuals resonate with fans around the world, expressing the excitement, anxiety and heartbeat of debut emotions with the lyrics: “Join me and ride this vibe”.

NEXZ are actively promoting their debut by appearing on music shows where they showcase their impressive groove, choreography and stage presence.
They are also garnering attention across platforms with performance videos and YouTube content that highlight their fresh and playful personalities. Their debut single ‘Ride the Vibe’ sold 117,817 copies in its first week on the Hanteo charts, demonstrating their growing popularity.

NEXZ are JYP’s first boy group in about six years since Stray Kids. They aim to lead the new generation with their dedication and passion.
They will continue their dynamic activities in both South Korea and Japan, further establishing their presence in the music industry.

NEXZ(넥스지) “Ride the Vibe” M/V – JYP Entertainment

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