FNC Entertainment is looking for talented youngsters to become the next SF9 and P1Harmony, with a global audition series to begin in April.  
The K-pop agency will hold auditions in a total of 11 cities in North America and in Australia: New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C. and Toronto in April; at Sydney and Melbourne in June and in the second half of the year; and at Vancouver, Edmonton, Orange County, Los Angeles and Dallas in September.
All locations will conduct walk-in auditions that do not require preregistration, with the exception of Australia, where online auditions will be held for preregistered applicants.  

Specific schedules and rules will vary for each region, FNC Entertainment said. A special “random play dance” event, in which participants dance the choreography to multiple K-pop songs in rapid succession, will be held at the Toronto auditions on April 13.
Anyone born between 2006 and 2014 can apply. Eligible candidates may showcase their skills in one of the seven categories: vocals, rap, dance, acting, instrumentals, visuals and modeling. Detailed information and instructions can be found on FNC Entertainment’s website.
FNC Entertainment is known for producing pop rock bands including boy bands FT Island, CNBLUE and N.Flying as well as girl AOA, who debuted as a rock band before transitioning into a dance group. Also under the label are actors Jung Haein and Rowoon, as well as comedians Moon Se-yoon and Lee Gook-ju.  
Its next rock boy band, which recently performed at FT Island’s Taipei concert in February, will debut in 2025.

[Audition Schedule]Apr 6th – New YorkApr 7th – New JerseyApr 9th – Washington D.C.Apr 12th – TorontoJun 16th – SydneySep 2rd – VancouverSep 5th – EdmontonSep 7th – Orange County Sep 8th – Los AngelesSep 10th – DallasSchedules for other regions – TBA⠀[Qualification]Any person born between 2006-2014⠀[Category]Vocal / Rap / Dance / Acting / Instruments / Visual / Modeling⠀Please stay tuned for forthcoming details on the audition guidelines; further information will be announced soon.

[오디션 일정 / Audition Schedules]

New Jersey   Apr. 6th 1pm  

New York    Apr. 7th 1pm  

Washington D.C.   Apr. 9th 5pm  

Toronto   Apr.12th 4pm

** Special Event ** Toronto RPD   Apr.13th 1pm

[지원방법 / Application Method]
On-site Application

[지원자격 / Qualification]
Any person born between 2006-2014

[지원분야 / Category]

– Vocal / Rap: Any song without backtrack (within 1.5 mins)
– Dance: Any dance (within 1.5mins)
– Acting: At least one scenario (within 1min)
– Instruments: A video of you playing the instrument (within 1 min)
– Visual: Self-PR (within 30 secs)
– Modeling: Catwalk walk + 3 poses

[시간 및 장소 / Date & Location]

New Jersey

-Date: April 06th 1pm

-Registration time: 1pm~4pm

-Location: @I Love Dance – New Jersey

-Address: 2024 Center Ave 2FL, Suite Q2, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

New York

-Date: April 07th 1pm

-Registration time: 1pm~4pm

-Location: @I Love Dance – Manhattan

-Address: 552 7th Ave #603, New York, NY 10018

Washington D.C.

-Date: April 09th 5pm 

-Registration time: 5pm~7pm

-Location: @N2 Studios

-Address: 6888 Elm St, Suite 1C, Mclean, VA 22101


-Date: April 12th 4pm 

-Registration time: 4pm~5pm  

-Location: @DanceLife X Centre

-Address: 619 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z4

** Special Event ** Toronto RPD

-Date: April 13th 1pm 

-Event time: 1pm~3pm  

-Location: @TBA

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