When Taeyong broke down sobbing on Sunday in the middle of performing the autobiographical “Back to the Past” (2023) — the encore song to his first solo concert — it was as if he was relaying the lyrics to his younger self: to a lost teenage boy who thought of himself as a source of disappointment to his mother and neighbors, running away from poverty and from home.

“What will you become?” he sang as he faced the sold-out arena. “When you grow up, what will you become?”

It was a tender, vulnerable moment that contrasted the relaxed, boyish swagger the NCT127 member had exuded throughout the whole concert; and a raw one shadowed by his long journey up to his first concert as a solo artist.
The two concerts, titled “TY Track,” took place at the Olympic Hall in Songpa District, southern Seoul, over the weekend. In line with the concert’s overall theme of showcasing Taeyong’s journey as an artist, the performances were divided into six sections: Artistry, Love, Separation, Hurt, Healing and Autobiography.
The 23-song setlist entirely consisted of songs that Taeyong had either composed or wrote lyrics for, or both, and included tracks from his first EP “Shalala” (2023) and his second EP “Tap,” which just released Monday.


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