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NewJeans, the popular K-pop girl group, has released Part 1 of the official music video for their new Japanese single “Supernatural” on June 21, 2024

The music video showcases the group’s signature style and choreography, featuring the members dancing to the groovy beat of the song.The “Supernatural” MV adopts a unique concept, presenting NewJeans as stars of their own TV show. This creative approach gives the video a throwback feel, likely drawing inspiration from retro television aesthetics. The visual style of the MV appears to align with NewJeans’ established image of blending contemporary and nostalgic elements.As with many K-pop releases, the music video has quickly gained attention, with fans and reaction channels already sharing their thoughts on the new content.

The release of Part 1 suggests that there may be additional parts of the music video to be released in the future, building anticipation for the complete visual story of “Supernatural.”The production of the MV is credited to MIN HEE JIN, indicating the involvement of NewJeans’ agency ADOR in crafting the visual narrative for this Japanese single

This release demonstrates NewJeans’ continued efforts to expand their presence in the Japanese market while maintaining their distinctive musical and visual style.


The concept of NewJeans’ “Supernatural” music video appears to be inspired by retro television aesthetics, presenting the group as stars of their own TV show35. This creative approach gives the video a nostalgic feel, blending contemporary elements with a throwback style.While specific details about the inspiration are not provided in the search results, we can infer that the concept likely draws from:

  1. Vintage television formats: The MV seems to emulate the look and feel of old-school TV programs, possibly from the 1960s or 1970s.
  2. Pop culture nostalgia: NewJeans is known for incorporating retro elements into their music and visuals, appealing to both younger audiences and those who appreciate vintage aesthetics.
  3. Storytelling through visual media: By framing the MV as a TV show, it allows for a unique narrative structure and potential for multiple parts or episodes.
  4. The song’s theme: Although not explicitly stated for “Supernatural,” music videos often reflect the song’s lyrics or overall message. The TV show concept might tie into the song’s content in ways that will become clearer with the full release.

The MV was produced by MIN HEE JIN, indicating that ADOR, NewJeans’ agency, played a significant role in crafting this visual narrative for the group’s Japanese single5. This approach aligns with NewJeans’ established image of blending contemporary and nostalgic elements in their music and visual presentations.

How did the members of NewJeans contribute to the concept of the ‘Supernatural’ MV?

Here are a few relevant points:

  1. The music video was produced by MIN HEE JIN, who is the CEO of ADOR, NewJeans’ agency2. This suggests that the overall concept and direction likely came from the production team rather than the members themselves.
  2. The MV adopts a unique concept, presenting NewJeans as stars of their own TV show, with a ’90s aesthetic. This aligns with NewJeans’ established image of blending contemporary and nostalgic elements.
  3. One member, Hyein, who had previously sustained a foot injury, is substituted with a masked dancer during most choreography scenes. This shows some adaptation of the concept to accommodate the members’ circumstances.
  4. The group expressed excitement about their Japanese debut, stating that it “feels like we’re opening a new chapter”. While this doesn’t directly relate to the MV concept, it indicates the members’ positive engagement with the project as a whole.


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