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BTS leader and rapper RM may have topped music charts around the world with his latest album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’, but inside he feels more than just “an insignificant 29-year-old Korean man who is just living a slightly different life”.

“I was the face of our team who had to say the right things and good things,” RM said in a video uploaded to BTS’ official YouTube account on Saturday, in which he sat down with bandmate Jimin to share his deeper thoughts on the album.

The video was filmed six months ago, before the two BTS members enlisted in the military. RM’s second full-length album, Right Place, Wrong Person, was released on Friday afternoon.

“I’m just an insignificant 29-year-old Korean man living a slightly different life,” said RM. “But somewhere in the 10 years [of BTS], I felt the pressure to always be right and different. I felt like I was dying trying to please everyone.

“The title of the album expresses that, me being the wrong person in the right place,” he continued. “I know everyone has felt like the only odd one out in a group or society at some point in their lives.

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From The Kpoppie News Room. Partial Source: Korea Joong Ang Daily

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