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HYBE finally responds after being bombarded with hate after YouTube made NewJeans’ new song’s music video age-restricted on the platform. 

On May 27, the MV for NewJeans new song “How Sweet” was unexpectedly categorized as age-restricted content. This sudden age restriction, which lasted from last night until this afternoon, left many fans, who hadn’t verified their ages, disappointed and unable to view the music video.

This age restriction led to HYBE being blasted on social media, blaming the music giant for sabotaging NewJeans’ comeback and trying to lower their view count. 

This afternoon, HYBE released an official statement explaining that they do not have the power to set age restrictions when uploading music videos on YouTube. They added that they’ve requested YouTube headquarters verify the exact facts and standards and address this issue accordingly. 

Here is HYBE’s official statement:

HYBE does not set age restrictions when uploading music videos to YouTube. YouTube categorizes content as age-restricted based on its own criteria. We have requested YouTube headquarters to verify the exact facts and the standards by which the viewing age was restricted and to address the issue accordingly.


With HYBE’s statement, people have argued that this is an error on YouTube’s part and are asking, what does HYBE gain from sabotaging the 4th generation IT group? Despite their statement, many contribute to this issue with HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin’s conflict. 

HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin have been in a heated conflict since the 22nd of last month. The tension is set to escalate at the upcoming ADOR extraordinary general meeting on the 31st, where a significant agenda includes a proposal to dismiss CEO Min.

Partial Source (Korean): Ten Asia

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