VCHA is shining a light on the global reach of K-pop. Made up of American and Canadian members with diverse backgrounds, the group’s name, VCHA, is based on the Korean word meaning “shine the light.” The group values authenticity and togetherness and believes everyone has a special place in the world because we are all different.

VCHA made their debut in 2023 through the competition series A2K (America2Korea) with members Camila, Lexi, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee revealed during the show’s two-part finale in September. After the release of their pre-debut single SeVit (NEW LIGHT) that month, they launched their official debut single, “Girls of the Year.”

Packaged as a two-song release, along with the track “XO Call Me,” the new single was released to all streaming and digital platforms on January 26. With this highly anticipated new music, VCHA stamps their entry into 2024 as a pop group capable of delivering uplifting, pop-driven songs.

It’s all quite a whirlwind for the group, signed under JYP Entertainment, especially considering they were all K-pop fans before becoming artists. “I think we all had a little bit of interest or a lot of interest in K-pop before coming into it, which is probably why some of us would have auditioned,” Lexi told PopCulture. “For me personally, I was a huge fan of K-pop, so when I saw that this audition came out, I wanted to go for it right away.” 

Following A2K, the girls were dropped straight into the infamous K-pop trainee system, where they were expected to work just as hard as the K-pop idols they had admired from afar. “The training was definitely rigorous,” Savanna said. “I was coming from normal teenagers going to school. We had to adapt quickly. Starting right from the boot camp. We were thrown right in there. We basically were just learning dancing, and singing combined. So we just spent most of our time doing that each day and just growing every day as much as we can.” 

VCHA “Girls of the Year” M/V

Who Is VCHA?

VCHA (비춰) is a six-member girl group under JYP Entertainment. Formed through JYP Entertainment and Republic Records reality survival show A2K, they made their debut on January 26, 2024 with the digital single “Girls of the Year”.

Pre-debut: A2K, “SeVit (New Light)”, “Ready for the World”

On July 25, 2022, JYP Entertainment uploaded an announcement video with chairman Park Jin Young and Republic Records founder and CEO Monte Lipman. They revealed the dates of auditions for the America2Korea project, which aim for the creation of the next “Global Super Girl Group”. The selected participants will train at JYP Entertainment in Korea and the final members chosen will debut in the United States. The group will partner with both JYP Entertainment and Republic Records for all music releases.[1] On June 29, 2023, JYP Entertainment posted the first teaser for the show which will premiere on July 13.

On September 22, the identities of the final six members of the group were unveiled, along with the release of a pre-debut digital single “SeVit (New Light)”.

2024: Debut with “Girls of the Year”

On January 1, JYP Entertainment announced that the group will debut on January 26 with the digital single “Girls of the Year”.


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