FRESH from the South Korean reality competition “Universe Ticket” of SBS, upcoming K-pop girl group UNIS—which has three Filipina members—will visit the Philippines to meet their Filipino fans for the first time.

Local organizer CDM Entertainment announced that UNIS will hold its “U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour” for three days in the country. The fansigning event will kick off on May 4 in Cebu and will continue in Manila on May 5 and 6.

“Filipino fans, this is your chance to meet the new gen of K-POP,” it said.

Meanwhile, the girl group also reposted the organizer’s announcement on its official X (formerly Twitter) account.

Details about exact venues and ticket prices for the event have not been revealed yet.

UNIS has eight members who hailed from three different countries: South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. They are Elisia Parmisano, Gehlee Dangca, Jin Hyeon-ju, Bang Yunha, Lim Seowon, Oh Yoona, Nana, and Kotoko. Parmisano and Dangca are from the Philippines, while Jin is a Filipina-Korean.

They won against 74 other aspiring K-pop idols in the “Universe Ticket,” where they all showcased their exceptional skills in singing, dancing, and rap.

The official debut of UNIS in the K-pop scene is slated for March 27, under South Korean record label F&F Entertainment. The eight members will promote as a group for two years and six months.

First mini album

Apart from the fansigning event, another project that is in the pipeline for UNIS is their first mini album titled “WE UNIS.”

UNIS has dropped a mood spoiler clip and concept photos for the album, featuring the members in a desert-like place.

UNIS(유니스)의 2024 설날 인사 메시지

Who Is Unis?

UNIS (유니스) is an upcoming eight-member project girl group under F&F Entertainment. Formed through the SBS reality show Universe Ticket, they will make their debut on March 27, 2024 with the mini album We UNIS.

Pre-debut: Universe Ticket

In January 2023, it was announced that SBS would air their first survival show, Universe Ticket with a group contract of 2 and a half years under F&F Entertainment, a new entertainment company which established in November 2022.

On March 2, SBS opened the audition form to the public for any girl who has been born before the year 2011 and has a dream to debut as a K-pop idol regardless their nationality. The audition period would last from March 2 until May 14th, 2023. With individual applicants being notified about their audition results by June 10.

On July 4, it was announced that the show would officially air sometime in November. The contestants will be revealed on July 13 and July 17 through profile teaser images and an official pre-voting would take place from July 19th until August 9.

On January 10, Elisia was confirmed as the first member following her advancement to P rank in the ninth episode.

2024: Debut with We UNIS
On January 18, 2024, it was reported that UNIS will be debuting sometime in March. On February 29, F&F Entertainment confirmed that UNIS will be making their debut on March 27. On March 7, the group released a promotion scheduler for their debut mini album We UNIS.


RankNameNationalityPosition(s)AgencyYear(s) active
6Hyeonju (진현주)KoreanLeaderC9 Entertainment2024-present
3Nana (나나)JapaneseTBAFNC Entertainment Japan2024-present
4Gehlee (젤리 당카)FilipinoTBAIndependent Trainee2024-present
8Kotoko (코토코)JapaneseTBAIndependent Trainee2024-present
2Yunha (방윤하)KoreanTBAF&F Entertainment2024-present
1Elisia (엘리시아)FilipinoTBAIndependent Trainee2024–present
7Yoona (오윤아)KoreanTBASTARON Entertainment2024-present
5Seowon (임서원)KoreanMaknaeLean Branding2024-present

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