If there is one adjective that best describes K-pop boy group AB6IX, it must be “candid.”

Unlike most other K-pop singers, who often display reserved demeanors to avoid making a slip of the tongue, the four AB6IX members did not shy away from sharing their authentic thoughts and feelings during a recent interview with The Korea Times at a studio in Gangnam District, southern Seoul.

Their outspokenness was most evident when they talked about their music style. Member Daehwi, who was part of the now-defunct project boy group Wanna One before debuting as AB6IX in 2019, first asked this reporter which song best defines his current group. It looked like he was going to accept any answer, but when he heard the response — “Hollywood” (2019) composed by Daehwi — he shook his head with a playful smile and said, “I disagree.”

He added, “If you listen to ‘Grab Me,’ the title track of our new EP, I think you will change your mind.”

“Grab Me” is the lead single off AB6IX’s eighth EP, “The Future is Ours : Found,” which hit shelves on Monday. Laced with energetic guitar sounds, “Grab Me” incorporates the elements of pop, rock and dance. Through its lyrics, the AB6IX members show their determination to cling to hope even in the face of despair, promising they would overcome hardships with the support of their fans.

“The track is about releasing the things that have been lurking in our hearts, such as anxiety and darkness,” Woojin, who was also a Wanna One member, explained.

Daehwi participated in penning its lyrics, demonstrating his songwriting prowess. To date, the 22-year-old has credits on most AB6IX hits such as “Blind For Love” (2019), and he also wrote songs for other artists, including “Airplane” (2019) sung by IZ*ONE, a now-disbanded project girl group.

AB6IX (에이비식스) ‘GRAB ME’ M/V
AB6IX (에이비식스) 이대휘 (LEE DAE HWI) ‘ROSE, SCENT, KISS’ Official MV

Who Is AB6IX?

AB6IX (에이비식스; known pre-debut as BRANDNEWBOYS) is a four-member boy group under Brand New Music. Originally as five, they officially debuted on May 22, 2019 with their first EP B:Complete.

2017-2018: Pre-debut

In April 2017, members Youngmin, Donghyun, Woojin and Daehwi were introduced as contestants on the reality survival show Produce 101 Season 2. Only Woojin and Daehwi made the cut to debut as members of Wanna One, which promoted for a year and a half between their debut from August 7, 2017 to December 31, 2018. Youngmin and Donghyun also formed the duo MXM in September 2017.

2019: Debut with B:Complete, 6ixense

On March 29, 2019, Brand New Music announced the launch of their new boy group, tentatively known as BRANDNEWBOYS. Their official name was later on revealed to be AB6IX and were then set to debut in May.

On May 22, AB6IX officially made their debut with their first EP, B:Complete.

On September 12, 2019, the group revealed that they are currently in the final stage of preparations for their first-ever comeback in October. Then on September 18, a first teaser was posted announcing that AB6IX would release their first full-length album, 6ixense, on October 7.

2020: 5nally, Vivid, Youngmin’s departure, Salute

On February 13, 2020, AB6IX released their first digital EP, 5nally.

On May 17, the group surprised their fans with a first teaser for their upcoming comeback in June. Their second EP, entitled Vivid, was slated for release on June 8. However, on June 4, Brand New Music revealed that on May 31, after drinking at a personal gathering, member Youngmin was stopped by the police when he drove home. He was charged with a DUI and had his license revoked. In light of this, Youngmin had temporarily halted his activities from AB6IX and their comeback was postponed. It is said that he is reflecting deeply on his actions and plans to participate in any further police investigations. Later that same day, he posted a handwritten apology to the AB6IX fancafe. On June 8, Brand New Music announced Youngmin’s departure from AB6IX with respect for his wish to no longer cause harm to the group. Later on, it was announced that the group’s comeback was pushed back to June 29.

On October 15, the group unveild a first teaser announcing their comeback with their third EP, Salute, which was released on November 2.

2021: Salute : A New Hope, Mo’ Complete : Have a Dream, Mo’ Complete, Japanese debut

On December 31, 2020, AB6IX were set to kick off 2021 with the release of their repackage edition of their previously released EP, Salute : A New Hope, which was released on January 18.

On April 5, AB6IX announced that they were set to make a comeback with their 4th EP, Mo’ Complete : Have a Dream, on April 26.

On September 5, the group announced their plans for a comeback later in the month with their second full-length album Mo’ Complete on September 27.

On October 29, the group’s Japanese Twitter announced that they would be making their Japanese debut with the mini album Absolute 6IX on November 24.

2022: Complete with You, A to B, Savior, “Chance”, Take a Chance

On January 1, 2022, AB6IX announced their first special album, Complete with You, set to be released on January 17.

On April 27, a teaser was posted announcing that the group’s return with their fifth EP, A to B, which was released on May 18.

On August 1, the group announced their Japanese comeback with their second mini album, Savior, which was released on August 17.

On August 24, AB6IX released their first special English single “Chance”.

On September 12, it was announced that the group would be releasing their sixth EP, Take a Chance, on October 4.

2023: “Fly Away”, The Future is Ours : Lost, B:Complete (2023)

On April 2, 2023, AB6IX announced their first Japanese single “Fly Away”, whuch was released on May 10.

On April 30, the group announced their their seventh EP, entitled The Future is Ours : Lost, set for release on May 29.

On September 19, AB6IX announced their remake album B:Complete (2023), which was released on September 22.

2024: The Future is Ours : Found

On January 3, AB6IX announced that they will release their eighth EP, The Future is Ours : Found, on January 22.

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