NOW That’s What I Call Music has long been an iconic compilation series that music lovers count down the days for. 

Since the very first compilation in 1983, the brand has expanded immensely, releasing albums in a variety of specific genres like hip hop, alternative, and even 90s throwbacks.

Naturally, when the announcement came that there would be a NOW That’s What I Call K-pop, fans were freaking out.

Releasing on May 17th, the album is expected to be a huge deal for both K-pop fans and people unfamiliar with the genre. But when the track list was released the other day, fans were not happy.

To say that K-pop fans were disappointed would be an understatement. 

The tracklist features recent hits from all the latest and greatest K-pop bands with a good mix of boy and girl groups. On a surface level, that sounds great.

But fans saw it differently.

Most of the tracks on the album are the most unpopular title tracks from the artists. Fans took to X to share their thoughts, most claiming that the tracklist was full of flops. What do you think? Are fans overreacting… or did they seriously mess this up?