It’s rare to have K-pop idol group members take part in the production of their debut album, let alone participate in its lyrics, but boy band Nomad‘s leader Doy took part in the production of all seven tracks in its debut EP and plans to have all members involved in its music in the future.

“I was the only one working as a producer for our debut EP ‘Nomad’ […] but all our members have the ability to produce music, and I will help them make music. As a matter of fact, they’ve already started writing their own music,” Doy said during the band’s debut showcase held Wednesday morning in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, ahead of the release of Nomad’s debut EP later that day.

The band has five members: Doy, Sangha, One, Rivr and Junho.

Doy, who has been a trainee for nine years, was involved in the production of all seven tracks in “Nomad.” The EP features two lead tracks: “No pressure” and “California love,” followed by B-sides “Oasis,” “Automatic,” “Let me love you,” “Lights on” and “Eye 2 eye.”
“I, alongside other producers, wrote many tracks as we prepared for the debut EP,” Doy said.
“We actually only had five tracks prepared for the debut EP, but I ended up adding two more tracks in the EP because I thought it suited our members very well.”

NOMAD 노매드 ‘No pressure’ MV

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