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“My One” is a song by B.D.U (Boys Define Universe) that was released on June 26, 2024. It is part of their debut release, which includes other tracks like “Unchanging Miracle” (변함없는 기적).

The song is described as highlighting the sweet tones of B.D.U and featuring lyrics that combine refreshing and sentimental feelings, creating a beautiful harmony

This description suggests that “My One” might be a romantic or emotional song, possibly about a special person or love interest, which could explain the title “My One” as referring to someone unique and important to the singer.B.D.U released a second teaser for “My One” ahead of their official debut, generating excitement among fans

While we don’t have information on the specific inspiration for the title, the song appears to be an important part of B.D.U’s debut and showcases their vocal talents as a group.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “My One”?

The song “My One” appears to be a romantic and sentimental track that combines refreshing and emotional elements. While the full lyrics haven’t been officially released yet, we do have access to some of the English version lyrics:”I open my eyes / Wake me up like sun rise / You’re my pretty night, glowing into purple / You are a guiding star / Never…”These lyrics suggest themes of:

  1. Awakening and inspiration: The person being addressed is compared to a sunrise, implying they bring light and energy to the singer’s life.
  2. Beauty and uniqueness: The use of “pretty night” and “glowing into purple” creates a vivid, romantic image.
  3. Guidance and constancy: Referring to the person as a “guiding star” implies they provide direction and stability.

The title “My One” itself implies exclusivity and deep affection, suggesting the song is about a special person who holds a unique place in the singer’s life.The music video seems to complement these themes, showcasing bright and refreshing visuals perfect for summer, with scenes of the members playing and enjoying happy moments. This visual representation aligns with the song’s blend of refreshing and sentimental feelings, creating a youthful and romantic atmosphere.It’s worth noting that all B.D.U members participated in the chorus, which is said to enhance the song’s completeness. This collaborative effort likely contributes to the emotional depth and harmony of the track, reinforcing the themes of unity and shared sentiment that seem central to “My One”.

B.D.U (비디유) – My One Official M/V


B.D.U (비디유) is an upcoming four-member project vocal boy group under Stone Music Entertainment. Here are the key details about the group and their song “My One”:Group Information:

  • The group name B.D.U stands for “Boys Define Universe”
  • B.D.U was formed through Mnet’s reality survival show “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor”
  • They are set to be active for two years, though their official debut date is currently unknown


  1. Jay Chang (제이창) – formerly of ONE PACT
  2. Bitsaeon (빛새온) – formerly of MONT
  3. Seunghun (승훈) – member of CIX
  4. Kim Minseo (김민서)


  • Their official fandom name is B.U (삐유), which stands for “B.D.U with U”
  • The fandom name was announced on May 24, 2024

Recent Developments:

  • B.D.U won the final victory on the “Build Up” survival show
  • The group has expressed excitement about their upcoming official debut after winning the show

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