K-pop band NMIXX is getting a good reaction to the teaser for their soon-to-arrive song called Love Me Like This. It is the title track for their new comeback titled Expérgo.

The teaser displays the colourful aesthetic that is common for the group’s concept along with their powerful vocals. The teaser comes a couple of days after they dropped their new pre-release track Dumb, Young, Stupid.

The pre-release track received mixed reactions because of the use of the nursery rhyme Frère Jacques or Brother John for the chorus. According to Koreaboo, fans are hoping that after the release of Young, Dumb, Stupid, Love Me Like This will have a better reception.

The group have a history of getting a mixed response to their title tracks because of their unique concept as well as the controversy around plagiarism during their debut. Their debut song O.O was criticised for the abrupt beat change while Dice saw better reviews. 

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