In the vibrant landscape of K-pop, where music transcends borders and cultures, the girl band Blackswan is a testament to diversity and talent. Comprising four active members [Fatou (Senegalese-Belgian) – leader and rapper, Gabi (Brazilian-German) – vocalist and dancer, Sriya (Indian) – vocalist and dancer, and NVee (American) – vocalist] from beyond the South Korean borders, this girl band has taken the global audiences by surprise with their unique blend of skills and cultural influences. Blackswan recently performed at the K-Town Festival at Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai. In an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, the members offer a fascinating peek into their journey, cultural influences and more

Excerpts from the interview:

Blackswan is known for being a multi-national group. How do you navigate and celebrate the different cultural backgrounds within the group?

Fatou (F): Initially, it was difficult because we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. However, those situations helped us understand each others’ perspectives in a better manner. We have now mastered the ‘open-mind’ stance (laughs)… We completely understand each other. It’s also interesting to learn about other cultures, so it’s an honour to be in this group.

Nvee (N): It is fun and exciting… Our priority is to learn and respect each others’ cultures, as there are things we might not be able to say, do, or wear. So we work with that to create something extraordinary. We show this through our music and performances – whether it’s a specific beat, style, lyric, choreography, or clothes.

Gabi (G): What I like about being in a multi-national group is having the opportunity to learn about different perspectives and worldviews. I’m happy that we as a group can share our cultures more deeply.

Sriya (S): Hailing from different countries makes it hard to understand each other, sometimes. But we put in effort to communicate, learn, and understand. I feel it’s also food to learn about other cultures for one’s growth. I am grateful and proud to be in this group.

How has the group’s ethnic diversity shaped your music or performances?

F: We introduce sounds and beats of our own culture into K-pop. So, whenever you hear us or see, it’s always fresh.

G: Like for That Karma, we had the opportunity to shoot the music video in India. Sriya taught us a lot about India in advance, so we could perform at our best. If possible, I hope we get a chance to perform in each member’s country.

S: Initially, I didn’t know much about music but as time passed I learnt a lot about it. Thanks to my teammates, who helped me in my journey till now. I want to keep learning and improving.

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