DXMON, pronounced “dai-mon,” is a brand-new K-pop group making waves in the industry for not just their debut album, but also their unique hairstyles.

They are the first group to debut under SSQ Entertainment, formerly known as NV Entertainment.

The six-member group made their official debut on Jan. 17 with their first album, “HYPERSPACE”.

“The title of our debut album, ‘HYPERSPACE’, refers to a space that transcends ordinary limits and it marks the beginning of DXMON,” explains member TK.

The album itself features six tracks, including two instrumental versions of “SPARK” and “Burn Up.”

“Burn Up” was released on Jan. 1 as a pre-release single.

The release got a lot of people talking about the group.

Even if you haven’t heard the song, the hairstyles of members JO, with red liberty spikes, and HEE, with bright blue hair, immediately draw your attention.

Being that they are the very first group from their company, the attention drew people to tune in, racking up over a million views on the video since its release.

The powerful track “Burn Up” set the stage for their debut, showing fans their high-performance skills, vocals, and rap.

“We were told that an energetic and powerful concept would suit us better, and we agreed to it, so we went for a powerful concept, aiming to embody the spirit of rookie artists,” says group leader MINJAE.

Two weeks later, they made their official debut with “SPARK”.

While “Burn Up” went the route of showing people just how powerful they can be, “SPARK” showed that they can go more of the ‘pop’ route as well, while also showing their rap and dance skills.

DXMON(다이몬) – ❮SPARK❯ Official MV
DXMON(다이몬) ❮Burn Up❯ Performance Video


Who Are DXMON?

DXMON (다이몬) is a six-member boy group under SSQ Entertainment. They debuted on January 17, 2024 with the mini album Hyperspace.

Pre-debut: “Burn Up”

On December 29, it was announced that the group will release a pre-debut digital single (labeled as a single album) “Burn Up” on January 1, 2024.

2024: Debut with Hyperspace

On January 4, it was announced that the group will debut on January 17 with the mini album Hyperspace.


NamePosition(s)Year(s) active
Seita (세이타)Vocalist    2023–present
Minjae (민재)Leader, Main Vocalist    2023–present
Hee (히)Rapper, Sub-Vocalist    2023–present
TK (태극)Rapper, Producer    2023–present
Rex (렉스)Rapper, Visual    2023–present
Jo (조)Dancer, Rapper, Maknae    2023–present

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