Rora, the fifth member of YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group BabyMonster, was officially unveiled Monday.
In a performance video uploaded on the girl group’s official YouTube channel, the 14-year-old Korean trainee performed the 2020 R&B track “Forfeit” by Kiana Ledé.
The public had already seen a glimpse of Rora after a group performance video was released earlier this month in which members Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora and Ahyeon danced to “Senile” (2014) by Young Money. An individual performance video for Rukais has not yet been revealed.

Although it has been implied that the group will have seven members, the total number has not been confirmed. The agency is drip-feeding information about the group to the public, a common strategy used in the K-pop industry to build hype.

The group has already garnered 650,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel with 88 million accumulated views on its videos.

BabyMonster will be the first new girl group from YG since Blackpink made its debut in 2016.


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