Previously on February 8, BLACKPINK’s Lisa announced her new personal label, LLOUD. With the label, Lisa will have more freedom with regards to her individual schedules, showing her true color with future activities. 

Prior to Lisa, fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie also established her own label, ODD ATELIER, back in late 2023. 

Jennie and Lisa’s new labels not only signals the two’s new path regarding their own careers, but may also have kick-started a new wave for the K-pop industry.

In particular, a post about Jennie and Lisa in the male-dominated K-pop industry was published on the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter), gaining significant attention with over 160,000 views and 10,000 likes. 

The post pointed out how the K-pop industry is male-dominated, with men holding most key positions in management, production, and decision making, whilst female artists often suffer from more restrictions and encounter less opportunities. 


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