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Today, CUBE Entertainment announced through the fan platform Weverse that (G)I-DLE’s leader, Soyeon, will suspend activities and, in short, go on a hiatus.

They announced that Soyeon recently visited the hospital due to poor health. A medical professional advised her that she needed sufficient rest and stability. Hence, CUBE Entertainment decided to suspend all of her activities for the time being so she could concentrate on rest and recovering through treatment. Here is the full announcement from Weverse:

Hello, this is CUBE Entertainment.

This is a notice regarding (G)I-DLE SOYEON’s absence from the schedule.

SOYEON recently visited the hospital due to her condition and health. Considering the artists’ health, SOYEON is stabilizing according to the guidance of medical personnel.

Although SOYEON had a strong will to continue to participate in the YIZHIYU & (G)I-DLE offline fan sign and fan meeting scheduled on June 1st (SAT), we have decided to suspend all schedules for the time being to focus on resting and recovering health as a priority.

This decision was made considering the artist’s health, so we ask for fans’ generous understanding.

Once again, we apologize for the concern to our fans with the sudden news.

We appreciate your understanding, and we will make every effort to recover the artist’s health and condition.

Thank You

CUBE Entertainment

(G)I-DLE recently finished performing at university festivals, ending with Konkuk and Yonsei University.

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Sources: Yonhap News. Weverse

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