NCT Wish, the new generation of K-pop group Neo Culture Technologys has confirmed a date for its debut. The six members of the group – Sion, Riku and Yushi — emerged as winners by Lastart’s reality show NCT Universe: their debut.

While the Japanese act NCT Wish hasn’t officially commenced, they released their first single Hands Up in October 2023. The group also works on social media. The original album Wish Bakery is his first ever fan favorite. The fans claimed that Riku and Sions tomfoonlery were attempting their best on making delicious cakes.


NCT Wish will perform their debut stage on February 21 at SMTown Live 2024. The group will release their debut single album Wish on February 28 at 6 p.m and continue for the remainder of that period, this time in January 29th-2019 until 21st October 2017. KST/4 PM. ET.

The music label SM Entertainment released the short teaser, NCT Wish for our wish. The cinematic teaser shows the members in their best state breaking away from classroom and reaching out on a sunny day.

The sun won’t last long, so vaporized particles of precipitation quickly make its way out. The young spirit of the rookies doesn’t ever feel dampened by the sudden gush into rain. The members discover the rainbow that symbolically represents a long struggle to make its debut and finally find what it means so far as we come.

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Who Is NCT Wish?

NCT WISH (엔시티 위시) is an upcoming six-member boy group under SM Entertainment and the sixth and final sub-unit of NCT. They will debut on February 21, 2024 with the single “Wish”.

Pre-debut: NCT Universe : LASTART, “Hands Up”, name reveal

On September 4, 2022, news reports revealed leaked documents and reports of SM Entertainment’s upcoming schedule for the fourth quarter of 2022 in which the group was listed as NCT 140, which is the longitudinal coordinates of Tokyo.

On November 30, 2022, Lee Soo Man revealed to CNBC that he is planning to create two new units, NCT Saudi and NCT Tokyo.

On January 26, 2023, it was announced that SM will hold an audition in Japan for any male born between 2001 and 2008 to discover new NCT members and prepare for the launch of NCT Tokyo. It was also reported that NCT Tokyo will be making their debut in the first half of 2023.

On February 24, 2023, SM confirmed that NCT Tokyo will make their debut in 2023 and will be the final expansion of NCT. With the unit’s debut, NCT’s “infinite expansion” will come to an end as the label will focus on supporting the current members.

On May 24, SM announced that two SMROOKIES will soon be announced as members of the group and other members will be chosen through a pre-debut reality show. On June 28, SM Entertainment announced that Sion and Yushi, as part of SMROOKIES and NCT Tokyo. On June 30, SM Entertainment revealed that a pre-debut reality show titled NCT Universe : LASTART will be airing on July 27 and will show the group formation process of the final NCT unit. The first teaser was released on July 5.

In the last episode that aired on September 6, the final seven members were announced. Additionally, it was announced that NCT NEW TEAM will be performing on the 2023 NCT Concert – NCT Nation : To The World.

On October 2, SM Entertainment announced that Jungmin would be departing from the group and returning to be a trainee due to health concerns, and that the group would continue their activities with six members.

On October 7, it was announced that the group will release a Japanese pre-debut single “Hands Up” the following day. Additionally, it was confirmed that the group will be debuting in 2024.

On January 18, 2024, the group released a teaser for their upcoming debut, revealing the name of the unit to be NCT WISH.

2024: Debut with “Wish”

Through SM Entertainment’s 3Q23 earning release, it was revealed that NCT WISH will be releasing two singles, including a Japanese one, in early 2024. On January 18, 2024, it was announced that the group will be debuting in February. The following day, it was revealed that NCT WISH will be debuting on the SMTOWN Live 2024 : SMCU Palace@Tokyo stage on February 21. They will showcase their debut song “Wish”, which will be released in both Korean and Japanese versions on February 28.


NamePosition(s)Year(s) active
Sion (시온)Leader, Vocalist, Dancer2023–present
Riku (리쿠)Rapper, Dancer2023-present
Yushi (유우시)Dancer, Vocalist2023–present
Jaehee (재희)Vocalist2023-present
Ryo (료)Vocalist2023-present
Sakuya (사쿠야)Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae2023-present
Jungmin (정민)N/A2023

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