Karina has surpassed Jang Wonyoung to become the second most popular 4th Gen female K-pop idol on Instagram, in pace to surpass Stray Kids’ Felix to attain an over all second place.

Karina from aespa is undeniably one of the most sought-after IT girls of the fourth generation. With her stunning looks and exceptional talent, she embodies the complete package, captivating audiences and effortlessly winning over fans.

Karina becomes the most followed 4th Gen female idol on Instagram

This year, Karina has achieved several significant milestones, including her solo appearance at Milan Fashion Week and reaching ten million followers on Instagram. Recently, she surpassed the follower count of another IT girl of K-pop, Jang Wonyoung of IVE.

Among 4th generation K-Pop idols, several have surpassed the ten million follower mark, with TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun and Stray Kids’ Felix being the most followed overall, with 17.3 million and 11.8 million followers, respectively. Karina’s follower count has now exceeded Jang Wonyoung’s 11.4 million, reaching 11.6 million, making her the most followed 4th generation female idol and setting a new record. Fans celebrated this achievement and anticipated her continued rise in popularity.

aespa 에스파 ‘Spicy’ MV
aespa 에스파 ‘Drama’ MV

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