As the continued popularity of K-pop seemingly continues towards its peak, yet another group is stepping out onto the global stage. Girl group Weeekly recently released their latest digital single, “Stranger,” on Jan. 25 in both Korean and English.

The six members of Weeekly – Lee Soojin, Monday, Park Soeun, Lee Jaehee, Jihan, and Zoa – debuted in 2020 with an EP titled We are. Their unique charm and youthful energy appeal to audiences as relatable teenage girls.  In addition to having over one million Spotify listeners and an equally large Instagram following, the chart-topping group is gaining new fans every day.

As with every K-pop group, Weeekly’s fans have been graced with an official name: Daileee. The fandom motto is, “Without ‘Daileee (Daily)’ ‘Weeekly’ cannot exist.” And there appears to be a concerted effort to recruit as many new Daileee as possible.

“We’re beyond excited to share this single with Weeekly’s fans all over the world,” said the group’s management, IST Entertainment. This release is a big part of expanding the popularity of the group globally and introducing them to a wider American audience.”

In addition to their energetic performances, distinctive style, and impressive talent, Weeekly has become a household name in K-pop. PopCulture spoke with the group about their goal to reach a wider American audience with the release of their newest single. 

The acoustic song “Stranger,” reflects Weekly’s ongoing struggles as they pursue their dreams. It shows their journey thus far and how they have overcome setbacks and pain through the loving support of their fans.

Weeekly 위클리 ‘VROOM VROOM’ MV
Weeekly 위클리 ‘Stranger’ MV

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