K-pop girl group MAMAMOO is one of the most successful girl bands in the K-pop industry with artists that are oozing with impeccable talent and charisma. They’re dubbed as the vocal queens of the K-pop industry because of how powerful and beautiful their voices are. If you don’t believe us, just check out their entry on Dingo’s Killing Voice and let that do all the work for you.

But apart from their talent, MAMAMOO’s also a well-loved group by their MOOMOOs because of how wholesome each of the member’s personality is. Once you get to know them better, you’ll realize that their faces and voices are just as beautiful as their characters. And when it comes to defying standards, they’re top-tier.

MAMAMOO is set to have their first-ever concert in the Philippines this coming February 12, 2023, at the Araneta Coliseum. Get to know more about K-pop girl group MAMAMOO in the gallery below before they arrive.

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